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UPSC CSE Mains 2019-All the Best

Dear Aspirant,UPSC CSE Mains 2019 Examination begins tomorrow and it’s time to JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND RELAX.I say this because nothing will help you to do your best than doing just that for these final few days.

The examination begins with your Essay Paper and the best way to handle this paper is to choose a topic that you can ‘Organise’ the best.By ‘Organising’ I mean, choose a topic for which you can Organise your thoughts in the best possible way.You ‘Essay’ should flow smoothly as you move from the Introduction towards the conclusion.Spend the initial 15-20 minutes preparing a ‘Scheme’ for you essay topic and use the Space for Rough work for the purpose.

And it doesn’t have to be the most complex or difficult topic. Try including popular quotations in your introduction;Include relevant Fundamental rights and Directive Principles in your essay(Make sure you just glance through those two chapters once before the essay paper-they really come in handy).(Remember what Mukul Pathak Sir says about ‘Moderate level of stress levels being the best for your performance’.)

For the General Studies papers (UPSC CSE Mains 2019), you have exactly 180 minutes to do 20 questions. Now, considering you want to spend the last 20 minutes for revision, you are left with 160 minutes, That actually means 8 minutes per question(Including sub-parts). Therefor, 8 minutes is the maximum time you can spend per question, hence, utilise your time as per the marks per question and in no case more than 8 minutes on any question.

All the Best(In case you have difficulty sleeping tonight or any of the nights in the following days, watch a single episode of some comic series b/w 8-9 PM)

Disclaimer:This article has been written by a Senior in the examination process who does not wish to be named. They reached out to Stellar and we are just hosting it, thinking it might calm sone of your nerves.

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