Science and Technology(Free Course)

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  • Students may enroll even after the course starts
  • The Course will cover the entire GS Science &technology syllabus from pre-cum-mains point of view for the year 2021
  • Approximately 75 hours course
  • Watch hours : 200
  • Fee: Free. Just spread the word about Lurnooz App 🙂

Punjab PCS Syllabus

‘Everyday Science’ for Punjab PCS Prelims:

  • States of matter, Structure of atom, versatile nature of carbon. Acids, bases, salts, corrosion in
    metals, Action of soaps.
  • Public health initiatives, mother and child health, Immunisation & vaccination, HIV-AIDS, TB, polio etc.
  • Life on Earth – evolution, marine & terrestrial life, Human body, and life processes, nutrition, disease – its causes & prevention, infectious diseases, lifestyle diseases.
  • Force-laws of motion & gravitation, Archimedes principle. Energy – kinetic & potential.
  • Light – reflection & refraction – concepts and applications. Sound – propagation & reflection- concepts and applications. Electric current – concepts and applications.
  • Computers and telecommunication – concepts and applications.
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