RSTV-Virtual Sim(In-depth)

  1. The Pulwama terror attack that claimed the lives of 44 CRPF personnel on February 14th, 2019 was coordinated through virtual SIM’s or virtual phone numbers. The mobile numbers of the virtual SIMs used by terrorists who carried out the Pulwama attack were prefixed by +1, the area code of the United States, which means that the virtual SIM was generated by a service provider in America.
  2. With a virtual SIM connection, one does not need a local registered SIM card, to get an active mobile connection.In this technology, the computer generates a phone number and the user downloads an application of the service provider on their smartphone. The number is linked to social networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter.
  3. Unlike a SIM card, virtual SIMs are not attached to a mobile and created online to help you communicate. It is a cloud-based number that can be used from any device via an app. 
  4. Virtual services came into vogue in the mid 1990’s, as a way to combat long-distance phone charges. The main difference between a virtual SIM and a conventional SIM card is that all features and contents are downloaded directly to the phone into an App, instead of a physical SIM card.
  5. This also means that while users might not be able to access someone’s encrypted phone records, the service provider will have a database of all calls, messages, and other forms of activity from a virtual SIM.
  6. Some of the obvious advantages of an e-sim are-The virtual SIM card can be embedded into the device’s internal hardware which can lead to thinner phones, and probably more efficient batteries.Virtual SIM cards allow instant change of a service provider operator as well. It would be enough to scan a QR code, provided by the operator, and have the virtual SIM configured.  One needs to simply activate the e-SIM on the desired device and one is ready to go.
  7. A soft SIM is a collection of software applications and data that performs all of the functionalities of a SIM card.A soft SIM does not reside in any kind of secure data storage.
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