RSTV-Towards a Sustainable Future

  1. The World Sustainable Development Summit 2018 concluded in New Delhi on 18 Feb 2018.It is an annual event organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). TERI is a Non-Profit Research institute located in Delhi, established in 1974 and formally known as Tata Energy and Resource Institute.
  2. World Sustainable Development Summit is the sole Summit on global issues taking place in the developing world.
  3. The delegates at the Summit endorsed Amaravati as the world’s most sustainable capital.
  4. The Mega Themes for WSDS 2019 are: clean oceans; climate finance; energy transitions; sustainable agriculture; and mobility. 
  5. Sustainable development can be thought as three points of a cone: Livelihoods and incomes for all should increase;The efficiency of inputs like water, electricity, fertilisers, etc required should increase and the waste produced in this process should be minimum
  6. LaBL (Lightning a Billion Lives) and Green Olympiad are also organized by TERI. Green Rating for Integrated habitat (GRIHA) is a national rating system for green buildings in India conceived by TERI.
  7. WSDS is continuing the legacy of Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) which was initiated in 2001 with the aim of making ‘sustainable development’ a globally shared goal.

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