RSTV-Takeaways from G20 Summit(Big Picture)

  • The G20 Summit In Osaka was marked by a number of Summit Sessions and meetings-9 Bilaterals(Japan,South Korea,Germany,U.S.,Saudi Arabia,Indonesia,Brazil,Australia; 2 Plurilaterals JAI(Japan,America and India) and RIC(Russia,India and China) and 1 Multirateral-The meeting of BRICS.It was a case of Strategic Balancing, where in the Prime Minister tried balancing relations with rival world Powers.The focus in this years G20 was more on the Bilaterlals,Multilaterals,Plurilaterlas,etc. and G20 as a forum was somewhere left behind.The main reason this was the Tension/Trade war between the two major world powers-U.S.A and China.
  • All members of the G20 reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris climate deal on Saturday, excluding the United States.The 19 signatories have agreed on the “irreversibility” of the treaty on climate, signed in Paris in 2015, and have committed to its “complete implementation”.
  • China and US agree to restart trade talks.The US president said that while he would not lift existing import tariffs, he would refrain from slapping new levies on an additional €300 billion worth of Chinese goods.On Huawei, Trump said the US commerce department would meet in the next few days on whether to take it off a list of firms banned from buying technology from US companies without government approval.
  • India has not yet committed to Trump administration’s call for a ban on Huawei plan to rollout 5G in the country. India maintains the decision will be taken considering its own business and security interests.PM Modi suggested to President Trump that 5G technology is a new area of communication that offers good opportunity for India and the US to collaborate. This means that India has resisted Trump’s pressure to toe its line as he scales up trade war with China.
  • Modi and Trump discussed defence ties with the US president stressing that defence deals between the two countries should go forward. But interestingly, Trump did not raise the issue of S-400 missile system that India is buying from Russia.India’s S-400 and other defence deals with Russia have been an irritant for the Trump administration. Under its Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), the US imposes sanctions on countries purchasing arms from Russia. India has sought a waiver for its S-400 deal but the request is still pending with the Trump administration.
  • Trump administration has been pushing the Modi government for stopping oil imports from Iran, which is a key and trusted supplier of crude oil to India. Moreover, India has strategic interests in Iran, where it has invested heavily in Chabahar port. With a hostile Pakistan and trouble-torn Afghanistan, Iran offers an important gateway for India to the central and Asian regions.In his meeting with Trump, Modi pressed for the need to maintain stability in the gulf region. 
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