RSTV-Sikkim First Organic State in India

7-Point Summary

  1. Sikkim, won the ‘Oscar for best policies’‘The Future Policy’ Award conferred by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for the world’s best policies promoting agro-ecological and sustainable food systems.
  2. The award was co-organized by FAO, World Future Council and IFOAM- Organics International.
  3. Sikkim began it’s journey towards becoming the 100% Organic state in 2003 when Sikkim adopted a resolution to switch to organic farming.Sikkim’s all farmland is Certified Organic.
  4. This Policy phased out chemical fertilisers and pesticides,
    Achieved a total ban on sale and use of chemicals and pesticides in the state and
     stopped imports of chemical fertilisers.
  5. Organic farming is also attracting large number of tourists to the state.
  6. In 2010 Sikkim’s Organic Mission was launched and this mission provided seeds, manure and training to the farmers.
  7. Organic farming uses technique to achieve good crop varieties without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it.Organic farming movement started in 1940s. At present time, 178 countries are involved in organic farming. It promotes ecological harmony and biodiversity

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