Punjab PCS Mains Revision Q/A Form

punjab pcs mains revision

Punjab PCS Mains Revision

Punjab PCS Mains Revision is an  attempt to help you revise the important topics in Q/A Format.

  • Some questions for each paper will be posted daily till the Punjab PCS Mains exam.
  • This is a free of cost initiative to help you revise topics which are important.

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General Studies Paper 1

1.Discuss Briefly about the Cold War era and it’s impact on world politics. What were the causes and consequences of the Korean War?

2.‘The physical features of the Punjab have exercised a great influence on its history.’ With regard to this statement, discuss the consequences in history of Punjab due to it’s location.

2.a,What was the First Industrial Revolution and how did it impact the socio-economic life in Britain?Why was Britain the first country to experience Industrialisation?

2.b.Explain the term Fourth Industrial Revolution.

3.Define drought? What are its types? Examine which regions of India are drought prone and why.

4.a.Write a short note on Anglo-Sikh Wars.

4.b.Throw Light on Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Legacy.

5.Throw Light on the origins and importance of the Bhakti and Sui Movements.

6.What are the various causes of soil degradation in India? Discuss some relevant methods of soil conservation? What is the proposed Second green revolution in India?

7.What are Earthquakes? Elaborate on the various causes and consequences of earthquakes

8.Write a short note on

a.Tsunami Waves-Causes and Prevention

b.Volcanic Activity

8.What is Counter-Urbanisation?Discuss the causes of the same?Does India need Counter Urbanisation? 

9.What is the Suez Canal?Discuss the Suez Canal Crisis with it’s background and it’s impact?

10.a.Write a note on the Ghadr Movement and it’s contribution to the Indian Freedom Struggle.

10.b.Alluvial Soils In India

11.Differentiate between the following

a.Law and Ethics

B.Personal ethics and Professional Ethics



General Studies Paper 2

1.What is the nature of ‘Democracy’ as provided for in the Indian Constitution? Discuss the various tools and institutions that strengthen the Indian Democracy.

2.The Government of India Act, 1935 marked a milestone towards achieving a completely responsible government in India.Discuss

3.Dr B.R. Ambedkar once said that the Indian Constitution has been framed by ‘ransacking’ all the known constitutions of the world. Critically Examine.

4.”The Indian Constitution is a Federal Constitution…yet it avoids the tight mould of Federalism.” Discuss. 15 marks

5.Discuss the importance of the Office of Speaker in the Lok Sabha? Why has his/her role been criticized in the recent times? 15 marks

6.a.Write a short note on Ordinance Making Power of the President.

6.b.Write a short note on Discretionary Power of the Governor.


General Studies Paper 3-(Punjab PCS Mains Revision 2021)

1.Corporate Social Responsibility makes the companies more sustainable and profitable.Discuss.In this context, discuss what is Corporate Social Responsibility?

2.Write a short note on Green GDP.

3.Explain the terms:



General Studies Paper 4-(Punjab PCS Mains Revision 2021)

Science and Technology

1.a.Define the term Pandemic?What are the phases of a Pandemic?

1.b.How does an Antibody Test differ from a Genetic Test? Explain in relation to Covid.

2.Write a short Note on DNA Fingerprinting.

2.b..What is Plasma Therapy?

3.a.Define Immunity and What are it’s Types?

3.b.What do you understand by the term ‘Herd Immunity’ and How can it be achieved?

4.Explain the Function and Deficiency Diseases of

5.What is Biotechnology?Explain the growing importance of biotechnology?

6.Explain the terms:


6.What do you understand by the term Urban Afforestation?Explain the Miyawaki method of Urban Afforestation used in Nanak Bagichi’s?

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