Our Student Scores Rank 1 IFoS 2019

Rank IFoS 2019

UPSC declared Final Result for IFoS 2019 and

Stellar IAS Student, Rishi Kumar, Scores Rank 1 Indian Forest Services 2019

Stellar IAS has a reputed Online as well as Offline(Chandigarh) platform. Our Online courses well as our Test platform are really popular among UPSC aspirants. The newspapers based Daily Quiz initiative where we post Daily Quiz based on newspapers along with the Source Articles is very popular for current affairs preparation.

We  believe that it is ultimately the hardworking of our students  that pays off. We just meet them along the way.

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IFoS 2019

Rank IFoS 2019

Rank 1 IFoS 2019 (Indian Forest Services Examination 2019)

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