National Electronics Policy, 2019-Sovereign Patent Fund

The National Electronics Policy (NEP) 2019 aims to create a Sovereign Patent Fund (SPF) — a State-led investment fund that will acquire Intellectual Property (IP) assets important to national economic objectives.

According to industry experts, the fund can develop a domestic innovation ecosystem, acquire critical IP and reduce the knowledge gap, as well as help generate new businesses based on the IP assets owned by Indian corporates.

Through the SPF, India can have licensing deals with IP holders and secure IP for Indian manufacturing units, thus connecting technical know-how with business needs.

Salient Features of NPE 2019

    • Create eco-system for globally competitive ESDM sector: Promoting domestic manufacturing and export in the entire value-chain of ESDM.
    • Provide incentives and support for manufacturing of core electronic components.
    • Provide a special package of incentives for mega projects which are extremely high-tech and entail huge investments, such as semiconductor facilities display fabrication, etc.
    • Formulate suitable schemes and incentive mechanisms to encourage new units and expansion of existing units.
    • Promote Industry-led R&D and innovation in all sub-sectors of electronics, including grass root level innovations and early stage Start-ups in emerging technology areas such as 5G, loT/ Sensors, Artificial Intelligence (Al), Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR), Drones,   Robotics,   Additive   Manufacturing,   Photonics,   Nano-based devices, etc.
    • Provide incentives and support for significantly enhancing the availability of skilled manpower, including re-skilling.
    • Special thrust on Fabless Chip Design Industry, Medical Electronic Devices Industry, Automotive Electronics Industry and Power Electronics for Mobility and Strategic Electronics Industry.
    • Create a Sovereign Patent Fund (SPF) to promote the development and acquisition of IPs in the ESDM sector.
  • Promote trusted electronics value chain initiatives to improve national cybersecurity profile.
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