Suez Canal

Mapping for UPSC

Important Geography Mapping for UPSC Prelims 2023

1. Black Sea

2.Sea of Azov

3.South China Sea, South China Sea disputed Islands


5.Middle east asia(Israel-Palestine, Gaza Strip, West Bank, etc.)

6.Central Asia(coubtries and water bodies-Caspian Sea, Aral Sea,etc)

7.Persian Gulf,Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman

8.Red sea, Suez Canal, Gulf of aden,

Gulf of Suez

9.Mediterranean Sea and neighbouring countries

10.Horn of Africa

11.East China Sea

12.Yellow Sea

13.Indian Ocean Region

14.Russia-Ukraine neighbouring countries and watwr bodies

15.Baltic Sea,Nord Stream pipeline

16.Baihetan(mapping for upsc)

17. Great barrier reaf location

18.Sea of Marmara


20.Addu attol


22.Coral Triangle

23. Turkey and surrounding area

24.Solomon Islands


26.Aegean Sea(mapping for upsc)

27.Panjshir Valley

28.Thwaites Glacier

29.Lithium Triangle

30.Lake Loktak

31.Sir Creek

32.Baltic Sea

33.Gir National Park

34.Kuno National Park

35.Raimona National Park

List To be updated

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