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General Studies Paper 3

1.What is  a ‘Cashless Economy’? What are the advantages of the same? What are the challenges in India becoming a Cashless Economy?In this context, critically analyse the attempt at ‘demonetisation’ tried in India?  15 marks

2.What are Non- Performing Assets or NPA’s in the economy? Why has Indian economy seen a spike in NPA’s in the last few years? How can these be tackled?  15 marks

3.(a)Indian agriculture has entered the era of permanent surpluses, which is further worsening the condition of the farmers. Critically Comment.  10 marks

3.(b)The Government of India, along with few other countries has urged UN to   declare 2018 as the ‘International Year of Millets’. Discuss the advantages of production and consumption of millets in comparison to other cereal crops such as Wheat and Paddy.  10 marks

4.  Even with the new improved land acquisition law, the  conflicts over the acquisition of land for infrastructure projects remain growing in various parts of India. Discuss. 15 marks

5. It is said that the  linking of Aadhaar with the  delivery of public servces would inevitably end up infringing rights of citizens. Critically comment.   15 marks

 6(a) Discuss the scope of Renewable Energy Production in the State of Punjab? How can this be encouraged even further? 10 marks(b)What are SDG’s? Discuss the progress of India in the implementation of these. What according to you can be done to further the cause of implementation of these SDG’s worldwide? 10 marks

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