Dhubri-Phulbari Bridge

Dhubri-Phulbari Bridge is a proposed bridge over the Brahmaputra river between Assam and Meghalaya in North-East India.

  1. This is a four lane bridge over the Brahmaputra between Dhubri (on North Bank) and Phulbari (on South Bank). The proposed Bridge will be located on NH-127B, originating from Srirampur on NH-27 (East-West Corridor), and terminating at Nongstoin on NH-106 in the State of Meghalaya. It will connect Dhubri in Assam to  Phulbari, Tura, Rongram and Rongjeng in Meghalaya.
  2. This bridge, as per the original plan, would be completed by 2027-28. It would be India’s longest bridge over water and would span more than 19 kilometres.
  3. The bridge would reduce the distance between Phulbari in West Meghalaya and Dhubri West Assam from 200 kilometres to almost 19 kilometres.
  4. JICA is a governmental agency that delivers the bulk of Official Development Assistance (ODA) for the Government of Japan. This company would be helping India build the bridge.
  5. The need for this bridge was felt in April 2012, when a boat carrying 305 passengers had capsized on the Brahmaputra. The disaster killed almost 103 people.
  6. It will save the distance and time needed to travel to Bhutan and Bangladesh.The project would benefit more than 2 million commuters from Bangladesh to Bhutan through Dalu in Meghalaya on India Bangladesh border.
  7. Currently the vehicles take a 200km detour using the Naranarayan Bridge that is 60 km upstream.This new bridge would provide for the missing link between NH 127M from Meghalaya to Assam. 
  8. Also small boats run in the river from Dhubri to Phulbari, which would no longer be the route once the bridge becomes functional.

The 55 km-long road from Serampore in West Bengal to Dhubri, Assam will be constructed, beginning October this year.



Majuli Bridge

A two-lane Bridge on the Brahmaputra between Majuli (North Bank) and Jorhat (South Bank).

The bridge will be located on NH-715K and will connect Neematighat (on Jorhat side) and Kamalabari (on Majuli side). The Construction of the bridge has been a long demand of the people of Majuli who for generations have been dependent on the ferry services to connect with the mainland of Assam.

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