What is Counter-Urbanisation? Discuss the causes of the same?Does India need Counter Urbanisation? 

Within the Urbanisation process, sometimes, there is a sizeable movement of urban population away from the core of urban habitation towards peri-urban and rural settlements.This is called as couter-urbanisation or de-urbanisation. 


1.Overpopulation or dense Population in urban areas 

2.Urban amenities easily available in peri-urban areas such as through online shopping 

3.Greater peace and safety in these areas 

4.Rising real estate and residential costs in urban areas 

5.Deeply congested and traffic ridden urban areas 

6.Opportunities to work from home 

7.Rising Disease outbreaks in Urban areas due to heterogenous populations and continuous influx 

8.Poor quality of Air/Air pollution in Urban areas 

9.Poor quality of drinking water 

Does India Need Counter urbanization 

Counter Urbansiation in India can have mixed results 

Positive effects: 

1.Depopulation of cities will lead to improvement of life quality in these cities. 

2.Better quality of life in rural areas 

3.Transportation between rural and urban areas might improve due to demand-supply factors. 

4.Modern facilities will inflow to villages as well. 

Negative Effects: 

1.It cause villages to suburbanise forming what is called as suburban villages, which might result in a loss of agricultural land due to houses to be built for new population. 

2.The peace and charm of the country side might be eroded. 

3.The patriarchy associated with the rural areas might increase even more the gender gap in India with more women opting out of the economic chain. 

4.Less employment opportunities. 

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