Bhuvan, is the national Geo-portal developed and hosted by ISRO comprising of Geo Spatial Data, Services and Tools for Analysis. The Satellite Imageries are of Multi-sensor, Multi-platform and Multi-temporal in nature can be visualized in 2D and 3D.

The Department of Space (DoS), under which ISRO comes, has signed an MoU with geospatial technology company CE Info Systems Pvt Ltd.The collaboration will enable them to jointly identify and build a holistic geospatial portal utilising earth observation datasets, ‘NavIC’, Web Services and APIs (application programming interface) available in MapmyIndia.

What is it?

Bhuvan (means Earth in Sanskrit) is a Geoportal of ISRO, to evince the Indian Earth Observation capabilities from the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) series of satellites.

It is an interactive versatile Earth-Browser which showcases multi-sensor, mutli-platform and multi- temporal images with capabilities to overlay thematic information, interpreted from such imagery as a vector layer, along with near real-time information from Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) information, disaster support related information like forest fire alerts, periodic agricultural drought assessment etc.

What can it do?

Ranging from visualisation, Bhuvanites can also download IRS data products and consume thematic datasets as OGC web services towards Geoprocessing.

A Place where users can add their own points of interest and share them with others

·  Can be connected to Global Positioning System(GPS) device in real-time or playback mode

·  Users can chart routes, plot areas, view terrain profile and overlay images

·  Useful for educators to teach subjects ranging from sciences to history. Also, take students virtually to an area being studied and show them the topography, surrounding areas etc.

·  Useful for scientists to facilitate new possibilities from the IRS geospatial data for collaborative research

·  Useful for administrators to monitor various developmental schemes at the grassroots level

How does it work?

·  It is a free web based visualisation system. Users can access Bhuvan by visiting http://www.bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in

·  Users can choose Bhuvan 2D or Bhuvan 3D for EO visualisation ,OpenEOdataarchivefordownloadingIRS satellite data and products, and thematic data

Why is it significant?

Scientists, academicians, policy makers and general public can leverage this integration of vast amounts of geospatial data in an easy-to-use multi-lingual interface without any additional resources

The tool’s visual immediacy could prove enormously beneficial, for example, for a survey of various geological structures in a region

Individually, students can use Bhuvan to know and examine places they are studying. Also allows them to create and share personal resources like data sharing

Bhuvan lets users to download specific satellite data and products, and also encourages users to revisit and explore availability of new datasets



The two dimensional (2D) Bhuvan, a web mapping service application based on OpenLayers open source project, offers powerful, user-friendly mapping technology to organise the satellite data and map along with myriad information geographically with no server-side dependencies in an easy way.

Bhuvan 2D is a slick, exciting online mapping application. It provides a highly responsive, intuitive mapping interface with detailed imagery and map data embedded. Some of its functional capabilities include map navigation, drawing point line, polygon, online shapefile creation, Geoprocessing overview map, linear and areal measurement. These capabilities combine to make Bhuvan 2D a compelling product.


Bhuvan 3D showcases images in a multi-sensor, multi-platform and a multi- temporal domain. It lets you access, explore and visualise IRS image and a bundle of rich thematic information in 3D landscape. On Bhuvan 3D, users can fly to different locations on the terrain and experience unparalleled 3D navigation.

Bhuvan 3D has many unique features and easy to use intuitive interface, where users can virtually experience the physical characteristics of the terrain, especially the Indian landscape.

Bhuvan Panchayat is part of ISRO’s Space-based Information Support for Decentralised Planning Update project. Aim: For better planning and monitoring of government projects. Services: This version of the portal will provide database visualisation and services for the benefit of panchayat members, among others

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