Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  on August 2ndlaunched digital payment...

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England is the first country where industrial related productions have commenced. In the late of the 18th and in the beginning of the 19th century (1760–1840) there were enormous socio-economic changes in England which collectively known as the Industrial Revolution (IR). It is called First Industrial Revolution or simply Industrial Revolution. The term Industrial Revolution’ […]
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A statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who ruled Punjab for almost four decades (1801-39), was inaugurated in Lahore. June 27 is his death anniversary. His legacy endures for Punjabis around the world. On the departure of Alexander the Great from India in 323 B.C., repeated conflicts on the Indian soil continued to weaken the country. […]
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The Constitution of India establishes a federal system of government. It contains all the usual features of a federation, viz., two government, division of powers, written Constitution, super-macy of Constitution, rigidity of Constitution, independent judiciary and bicameralism. However, the Indian Constitution also contains a large number of unitary or non-federal features, viz., a strong Centre, […]
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Importance of Office of Speaker: The Speaker is the head of the Lok Sabha, and its representative. He is the guardian of powers and privileges of the members, the House as a whole and its committees. He is the principal spokesman of the House, and his decision in all Parliamentary matters is final. He is […]
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